Buy trending Tapware products in Adelaide under a tight budget of $14,995. Read to know what are your options and where to purchase them from.

Buy trending Tapware products in Adelaide under a tight budget of $14,995. Read to know what are your options and where to purchase them from.

Thus you should set a fix budget first. It will prevent you jumping off the balance. Let’s see what you can have for renovation under a tight budget of $14,995.


The first product you can avail within this package is the stylish and trendy full-frame diamond shower. Designed using the heavy-duty aluminium frame, almost all diamond showers are specially curated to impress. The product also comes with a track which traps water, so that you can save both water as well as have reduced energy bills.


The second exciting deal is the upswing shower arm and round head, which gives a complete look to your shower. It comes with a high-quality chrome finish and is made up of stainless steel which ensures longer life against wear and tear. Apart from giving a stylish feel, it also helps prevent excessive water leakage, so that you can have a pleasurable bath without worrying about the bathroom floors.


The package involves a trendy and alluring wall mixer which can renovate any bathroom type seamlessly. It is made up of heavy-duty brassware to prevent corrosion, along with a chrome finish giving a whole posh vibe.


Within the budget, you can also avail a standard floor grate if you are looking for the best tapware products in Adelaide. These grates not only are affordable and low-maintenance but can also help you re-design your bathroom while providing slip-resistance.


You can also choose from various ceramic vanity tops, depending upon your bathroom design or theme. Ceramics have been trending in the market, which is all thanks to their durability, work efficiency, easy to clean, and can handle everyday wear and tear. Within this budget, you can quickly get to explore a vast range of collections.


If you are thinking of giving a new look to your bathroom, there are many varieties of basin mixers you can purchase within the budget. Depending upon your needs, you can choose from straight flute taps, gun taps, long shank machine taps, pipe taps, etc. So, always look for a supplier which provides high-quality basin mixers along with other premium quality tapware products in Adelaide.

Close Couple Toilet

It would be best if you never missed installing a close-coupled toilet. As it is compact and thus gives you enough bathroom space. As the pipes stay hidden within the casing of the toilet, it also provides a luxurious look, thereby changing the whole bathroom aura.

Similarly, some other essential tapware products that can be easily fitted to the budget, include:

  • Double Corner Wire Basket
  • Pop up Plug
  • Toilet Roll Holder
  • Double Towel Rail
  • Floor and Wall tiles

This is just a brief explanation to show you how people optimize their budget during bathroom renovations. If they can, you can too. All you need is to purchase products from a wholesale supplier like BRWSA to save more and receive proper guidance on renovations from their experts.